Toddler & Early 3’s Preschool

Toddler Class Times

Monday-Friday 9:00-11:30 a.m.

Early 3’s Preschool Class Times

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00-2:30 p.m.

The most fertile time of our lives for absorbing the sounds and meanings of words, developing motor skills, establishing social confidence and determining emotional well-being are the toddler years. From birth to age three, children have brains that are two and a half times more active than that of adults. They are busy building the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our goal at Creative Tots is to foster and advance the natural curiosities of children in a safe, nurturing environment.

Social/Emotional Development

The way that children feel about themselves, their ability to understand and regulate emotions, as well as the importance of expressing them appropriately largely determines their capacity for developing relationships with others. This aptitude will flourish when they have close, supportive and trusting relationships with adults. A Creative Tots teacher is responsive, shares in the pleasure of her students’ accomplishments and creates an environment in which children can actively participate in daily routines and experiences. She shows children that they are important, interesting and capable. It is through these positive interactions that the students learn about themselves and how to relate to others.

Physical Development

As children grow, their gross motor skills are refined as they progressively gain control over smaller muscle groups and acquire thedexterity necessary to manage the tremendous muscular expansion during the toddler years. Our program is designed so that our toddlers will deliberately explore the environment that has been created to strengthen their physical development.

Language Development

The most productive period of life for language development is during the first three years. If properly instructed, these young children can rapidly acquire thousands of words and learn complex contextual rules by simply interacting with adults who communicate with them appropriately. Our teachers have been trained to recognize this specifically, facilitating early language progression in the classroom. Students build their vocabulary by themed verbal and auditory cues throughout the day, engaging in musical experiences and participating in our literature based curriculum.

Cognitive Development

Toddlers are uniquely alert to their developing senses. They are continually using them to construct their own understanding of the people and objects in their environment. This cognitive development directs the way children use what they learn to reason and solve problems. Our teachers provide a rich classroom environment that stimulates cognitive development through discovery. The children are given unique opportunities to explore, develop and investigate fascinating characteristics of the world around them.

About Creative Tots Preschool Early 3’s Program (A PM Preschool for children turning 3 before December 31st)

A tremendous advantage to specific programs such as this one is the ability to capture a group of children that find themselves in-between programs (Toddler and Preschool) with regards to their birthdays. Because of this age-specific window, our Early 3’s Preschool program evolved in efforts to evaluate individual cognitive skill development and teacher input when considering a child for transition into the Preschool room.

 The Early 3’s program is the next step in progression of our preschool programs at Creative Tots. This program is designed for our older toddler students who will turn three by December 30th. This unique program is a designed to prepare our toddlers for the transition into preschool and the independence and responsibility that is required.  Early 3’s students meet with teachers lead Toddler and lead Preschool teachers in small groups each day to work on fine motor development, pre-writing skills, early literacy skills, math concepts, and science discovery. These small groups challenge our older toddlers in preparation for their preschool experiences. Early 3’s teachers also meetwith their students in a large group each day to incorporate children’s literature, music and movement, whole group academic activities, and character education.

By providing this developmental stepping-stone, these children can advance and be encouraged to develop as early as possible. They respond well to this program and are provided with the familiar tools from their previous Toddler class while benefiting from a more specialized program.  Furthermore, the Preschool Early 3’s program provides a dynamic teacher mix to include our lead Toddler teacher and our lead Preschool teacher ensuring a smooth transition to and from either program.  These teachers see great advancement in both motor and intellectual skills by this particular age group. The Early 3’s Preschool program is only available during the afternoon (from 12-2:30).  For those children that still adhere to a daily nap routine, the 2:15 dismissal time still allows adequate time for a modified nap schedule.

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