What Our Families Have to Say About Creative Tots…

“I really cannot say enough great things about Creative Tots and the value it has had for our children. We are pleased with the environment, the caring and professionalism we have experienced from Emilie and all of the teachers, and from the quality of the curriculum.

It has been great to watch my daughter, who is now 5, as she progressed through the different levels at the school.  She began as an apprehensive 2 ½ year old starting in the toddler room to a child who loved going to school to see the teachers and children. I really started to see her blossom as she began learning to write, learn the alphabet sounds and letters, and so much more. She has truly developed an interest in learning.

Our son is now in his second year in the toddler room and soon to start in the early 3’s. He has gone from a clingy boy to a very confident, comfortable child. He has learned so much that we have not taught him. My children are excited about school, their teachers, their friends, and best of all, about learning.”

–Leila Owens

“Creative Tots has provided an extraordinary experience for our family.  Our children have developed a true love of learning based on the well-balanced program and excellent teachers.  Our daughter was very well prepared socially and academically when she started Kindergarten this year after attending Creative Tots for three years (Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K programs).  Our son is now in the Preschool program and enjoying the same experiences.  Creative Tots has exceeded our expectations, and I continue to recommend it to others.”

–Elizabeth McCallister

“Upon my first visit to Creative Tots, I loved the beautiful child friendly facility, and we chose to send our daughter to Creative Tots because of the smaller teacher-to-student ratio.  The teachers really took an interest in my daughter as an individual, and an interest in our family as well.  It has been such a wonderful experience!”

–Kelly Fruechtemeyer

“My daughters love every minute at Creative Tots. From the teachers, to the projects, to the field trips to the friends they’ve made. We couldn’t be happier with their preschool experience!

Emilie and the teachers at Creative Tots really make an effort to get to know every child and their families. We feel so comfortable leaving our kids in such wonderful hands. There is definitely a strong feeling of community!”

–Stephanie Roberts

“As a parent, I want the best for my son and my daughter!  And, as a 1st grade teacher, I have VERY high expectations for their academic, social, and emotional learning.  The Early 3’s, Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten Enrichment programs and many of the Summer Learning Programs offered through Creative Tots have ALL met and exceeded our expectations!

Most importantly… my son AND my daughter LOVE going to Creative Tots!  My children arrive at Creative Tots and leave with BIG smiles on their faces!  They know that at Creative Tots each of them are valued, respected, important, cared about… and loved! Creative Tots has opened the door to learning for both of my children and welcomed them in with a smile, excitement, and a big hug!”

–Jenny Davis

“I am so happy I found Creative Tots when I was researching schools for my two preschoolers and my toddler! It has been the perfect place for my kids to grow socially, emotionally AND academically. Creative Tots is a top-notch facility, has amazing teachers and a curriculum that is second to none.”

–Darcy Crociata

“My little ones really love Creative Tots.  In addition to the typical day – stories, group time, structured learning time and free play time- there are also lots of fun additions not found in a typical preschool setting.  These include an indoor play area for rainy days where the kids play structured games or even do yoga, a fantastic music teacher, visits from the Boonshoft Museum and the Cincinnati Zoo, special science classes and field trips to local farms or the theater.

The qualified and kind teachers, academic programs, order and cleanliness are superb.  In addition to those, one of the reasons I chose Creative Tots was because of the flexibility of the scheduling.

Creative Tots well prepared my 6-year old for kindergarten.  She misses her preschool teachers and always wants to visit and say, “Hi.”  My 4-year old had trouble adjusting to preschool, but with the help of the awesome Creative Tots staff, he now cheers when it he has a full day there: ‘Yea!  I get to go to school all day!’  My 3-year old is already beginning to read and loves talking about his projects.  We really enjoy Creative Tots!”

–Meg Chisholm

“As a former teacher, I felt it was important to begin building the foundations of learning early in my son.  At 22 months old, we enrolled him in the toddler program at Creative Tots and have been amazed at his growth.  His speech and vocabulary have taken off, his number and letter recognition is impressive, and the music class has encouraged his learning through movement, rhythm, and song.  I am so pleased to have found a school that takes a proactive approach to my child’s learning and that genuinely cares for him and his educational needs each day he walks through their doors.”

–Misty Meyer

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