Early Three’s

This week in Early Three’s we’ve been learning about butterflies! We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and did a story sequencing activity after.

We made watercolor butterflies.

We learned the number 9 and counted 9 birds. Look out for our adorable Spring Birds in the hallway. We had Science with Miss Jackie and learned about air pressure. The kids enjoyed the fun experiments! We had Yoga Special too!!

Art Enrichment Is Off To A Splashing Good Time

This week kicked off our after school Art Enrichment classes.  This month’s theme has us splashing about.  We are learning all about the properties of watercolor.  Our goal is to push beyond the small paintbrush and watercolor set and exploring the possibilities of the media.  Our question for the month is “What would happen if……”

We started this exploration in a frenzy.  Tots used spray bottles, eye droppers, sponges, squirt bottles and more to create our drip paintings.  We discussed what happened when the colors met and dripped together, we got new colors!  We tested the difference in the marks from dripping from the top of the paper and squishing straight into the middle.  Does more or less paint create the effect you wanted?  Which tool creates your favorite effect?

Our paintings are drying but will be posted soon.  In the meantime take a look into our Backyard Artists’ Studio.  You get an exclusive look at the artists in action.  It was fun to watch our artists start their paintings in a slow timid manner, then emerge in full force expression.

Creative Tots Artists Show Their Talent

Our Creative Tots did a wonderful job creating their Jasper Johns inspired work.  Our art display at Totstober was quite a look at the artistic talent at Creative Tots.  Get the frames ready!!!

Take a look at some of our wonderful work.

Toddler Alphabet

Toddler Alphabet

Toddler Artist used marbles in paint to roll the red and orange onto the background.  Next an ABC stencil was placed over their work and they rolled blue paint over top.  Very Jasper Johns!!

Early 3s - Numbers

Preschool - Numbers

Early 3s and Preschool artists studied Jasper Johns Numbers and created these wonderful pieces.  We learned about warm and cool colors as they painted the background in blue and green cool colors and the numbers in red and yellow warm colors.

Pre-K Alphabet

Our Pre-K artists used oil pastel to create the alphabet grid.  Next they painted each square with watercolor.  It was wonderful to see the color choices each artist made as they moved from square to square.

Art Enrichment – Fall Frenzy

Creative Art Tots went on a scientific Fall adventure, as we explored the beauty of nature.  Our artists documented their wonderful findings in their Field Journals.  Artists studied their Field Journal to find the shape and color of Fall leaves.  Artists used their observation skills to detect the array of warm colors in the leaves.  We then discussed the contrast of using a cool background color to make our leaves POP!