Romero Britto makes an impression on our Art Enrichment students

Student learned about Romero Britto that he is a cubist, from Brazil. Children applied Britto’s art techniques to their very own Rainbow Fish.



Fiber Art Month In Art Enrichment

Our Art Tots have been exploring the world of Fiber Art this month in after school Art Enrichment.  We discussed the art of creating beautiful artwork with fabric but to do this we had to find out what fabric was and how we use it.  Art Tots examined their clothes as well as items around the room to discover that fabric is around us everyday.  So an item that has that much impact has to be able to be used in creating artwork!

We started this month’s process on Tie-dye.  Art Tots learned that dying is a way of coloring fabric permanently.  It can be done in many forms but tie-dye is one of our favorites.  We used rubber bands, baby wipes and markers to create the beautiful designs below.  “First you tie it, then you dye it!”

The following week our Art Tots decided to explore the weaving process.  We had already discussed how fabric was made up of thin strings that have been woven together.  Now it was time to learn what that really meant.  Art Tots chose patterns and colors of fabric in a background and in the weaving strips.  Then we used a rhythm “Down, Up, Down, Up, Down” to weave our fabric into the wonderful pieces below.  Weaving takes a lot of comprehension, fine motor skills and sequencing to perform correctly.  I am very proud of the Art Tots for doing such great work.  🙂

Next we have a cliffhanger of a project to share with you.  This project comes in two steps so you will have to be watching closely for the outcome.  Our Art Tots are creating their own t-shirts with a batik technique.  The batik is a personal favorite of mine and the Art Tots are well on their way to creating beautiful work.  The process starts with a resist technique that is traditionally created with melted wax on fabric.  Our Art Tots, however, used tacky glue to complete this step.  They were encouraged to create designs or stories in their glue drawings.  Next week we will be painting the shirts with fabric dye to complete our artwork.  Stay tuned for the results!!!

Art Enrichment classes still have availability on Tuesdays 11:30-12:15 or Wednesdays 2:30-3:30.  Also if there is enough interest we may open a class on Friday 2:30-3:30.  Check in with Miss Jaime (in the preschool room) or Miss Ivette (in the office) for more details.

Step 1 - Resist. Stay tuned for the results!

Art Enrichment Is Off To A Splashing Good Time

This week kicked off our after school Art Enrichment classes.  This month’s theme has us splashing about.  We are learning all about the properties of watercolor.  Our goal is to push beyond the small paintbrush and watercolor set and exploring the possibilities of the media.  Our question for the month is “What would happen if……”

We started this exploration in a frenzy.  Tots used spray bottles, eye droppers, sponges, squirt bottles and more to create our drip paintings.  We discussed what happened when the colors met and dripped together, we got new colors!  We tested the difference in the marks from dripping from the top of the paper and squishing straight into the middle.  Does more or less paint create the effect you wanted?  Which tool creates your favorite effect?

Our paintings are drying but will be posted soon.  In the meantime take a look into our Backyard Artists’ Studio.  You get an exclusive look at the artists in action.  It was fun to watch our artists start their paintings in a slow timid manner, then emerge in full force expression.

First You Tie It, Then You Dye It – Art Enrichment

Our first week in our Fiber Art month had us tying and dying.  We discovered what fabric really was and how we use it in our everyday lives.  So why not create beautiful art from it!  We used baby wipes to create these wonderful tie dye works of art.  The artists had a great time picking out their colors and experimenting with how multiple colors work together.  They were then stretched over a small wooden frame to be hung in the home galleries of our artists.

Take a peek at the results from baby wipe tie dye.

Art Enrichment – Fall Frenzy

Creative Art Tots went on a scientific Fall adventure, as we explored the beauty of nature.  Our artists documented their wonderful findings in their Field Journals.  Artists studied their Field Journal to find the shape and color of Fall leaves.  Artists used their observation skills to detect the array of warm colors in the leaves.  We then discussed the contrast of using a cool background color to make our leaves POP!