N is for Nest!


Toddlers and Early 3’s are NOT hibernating… ;)

It’s been a busy month so far for our Toddlers and Early 3’s! Despite our snow days and holiday, there’s still a lot of learning and discovering going on at CT. We have welcomed nine, yes NINE new students in the past few weeks! We’re still focusing on birds by singing lots of songs and reading stories about birds. Here’s one of our poems about owls. If you read this to your child, you will see him/her do the hand motions that go along with it. He/she may even be able to recite it with you! 

“There’s a wide-eyed owl with a pointed nose, two pointed ears, and claws for toes. He sits in the tree and he looks at you; he flaps his wings and he says WHO WHO!”

Check out our pics to see all the fun!



Whooooo’s learning about owls?

WE are! Toddlers and Early 3’s are learning about owls and other birds this month. Stay tuned… next week you’ll see lots action-packed pics of your little ones learning and discovering!