Spiders and Bats, Oh My!

We had a blast this week learning about spiders and bats! We learned big vocabulary words, e.g., echolocation, mammals, nocturnal, and arachnid to name a few! We graphed, painted paints and made our own “Great 8 Spiders”! We had oral language practice during large group and even spun our very own spider web! We have such an awesome time in Pre-K!









Spiders, bats, and skeletons…oh my!

We just finished the Halloween season with lots of excitement and fun!  The Pre-K students have been working hard as we have been learning about all things “creepy and crawly” .  The children loved our Halloween themed activities which included, exploring pumpkins, learning about bats and spiders, and creating some wonderful arts and crafts projects for Halloween.  One of their favorite activities was going on a “Spooky Walk” and using all five of our senses to describe pumpkins!!  We even got to try yummy pumpkin seeds!  🙂

We learned the difference in fiction and non-fiction books, used our countdown chain to see how many days until our party, worked hard to write our names correctly (only the first letter is uppercase), and started our reading groups!  The groups are going well and the students are doing an excellent job with their sight words.  So far, we have learned I, like, is, and and.  Continue to practice these words at home, as well as practicing writing!

Here are a few activities to to help promote fine motor skills that you can do at home!!

-manipulating playdough:  rolling it into small balls, long rolls, etc.

-tearing paper into fine strips-use them for a collage or crumble them into balls

-screwing up whole pieces of newspaper in one hand at a time to develop strength

-threading beads or macaroni onto a sting

-lacing activities

-cutting out with scissors (using the correct grip-thumb points to the ceiling)