Creative Tots Welcomes Graffiti Artist Dawn Godfrey with “Mural, Mural On The Wall”

As part of our Art curriculum, we are learning about different types of art and ways to express yourself. We are so grateful that artist Dawn Godfrey with “Mural, Mural On The Wall” shared her talents with us. What a fantastic hands-on learning experience for our Creative Tots! Click HERE to see video of Graffiti Artist and our Creative Tots!

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Cubism- Juan Gris

Our Creative Tots learned about Picasso and Gris as they were the pioneers for cubism. Our little artists did a fantastic job creating their own collages.


November Art Enrichment Is A Real Stitch

Fiber Art is coming in November for after school Art Enrichment.  Students will explore the tactile media of Fiber Art this November.  We will be studying Tie Dye, Assemblage, Weaving, Stitching and much more.  It is a promise to be a real stitch!