Chicka Chicka Boom Boom…See What’s Happening in the Pre-K Room

We’ve been practicing writing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and our names. We’ve been sorting, patterning, matching and learning about position words. We have also read some fabulous stories! We have been reflecting on the details of these stories as well as learning new vocabulary words and story sequencing. Of course crafting with paint, markers, scissors, glue and other fun materials is always an enriching part of our day! Keep checking in to see what our Pre-K room is up to! 😊











Creative Tots Artists Show Their Talent

Our Creative Tots did a wonderful job creating their Jasper Johns inspired work.  Our art display at Totstober was quite a look at the artistic talent at Creative Tots.  Get the frames ready!!!

Take a look at some of our wonderful work.

Toddler Alphabet

Toddler Alphabet

Toddler Artist used marbles in paint to roll the red and orange onto the background.  Next an ABC stencil was placed over their work and they rolled blue paint over top.  Very Jasper Johns!!

Early 3s - Numbers

Preschool - Numbers

Early 3s and Preschool artists studied Jasper Johns Numbers and created these wonderful pieces.  We learned about warm and cool colors as they painted the background in blue and green cool colors and the numbers in red and yellow warm colors.

Pre-K Alphabet

Our Pre-K artists used oil pastel to create the alphabet grid.  Next they painted each square with watercolor.  It was wonderful to see the color choices each artist made as they moved from square to square.