Beautiful Butterflies

This week the preschoolers explored the life cycle of the butterfly through stories, group time and crafts. We also worked on the concept of small, medium and large, the letter Aa and sang along with Ms. Joanie during music.


Another great week!!  Letter V and a new poem about two blackbirds named Jack  and Jill!  We also made a shapes garden with triangles, circles and squares. Have a great weekend!!

Springtime in Pre-K

Our seeds have sprouted and we have chick eggs in the incubator! Spring has finally arrived! We have been learning about the Water Cycle as well as the life cycle of a chick. We continue to practice addition and subtraction strategies with different manipulatives, as well as review our sight word list and how to use our words in sentences during journal!

This month in science we will explore eggs, life cycles and magnets.

Creative Tots Early Three’s

We hope our Fingerprint flower gardens brighten your day just like this beautiful sunshine weather we’re having! Happy Spring!! We have been busy bees in Early Three’s. T is for… and U is for Umbrella

The kids wrote the letter U on a dry erase board and we read a Puddles story. We did the #8 with 8 signs of Spring. Then to wrap up our week we did a shape review with playdough shapes and also fed Mr. Munch!

Down in the Farm

This week the preschoolers have been discovering barnyard animals during group time, stories and crafts. We also have been reviewing letters, numbers 0 – 10 and creating art with Miss Jackie.


We had a great time with our new unit about birds and things in the garden. We learned a song about 5 little birds and a poem about a wide eyed owl. We learned the letter U is for unicorn and had art with Ms. Jackie!!  Have a great weekend!!

Welcome Spring

It may not feel like spring outside but it is springtime inside the preschool classroom. This week the preschoolers enjoyed games, stories and crafts with a spring theme. They have also been learning the parts of a plant and planting their own seeds!