About Creative Tots In-Class Enrichment Programs: In addition to the academic components of Creative Tots’ Pre-K programs, there are a number of exciting enrichment experiences that are included in your tuition for the school year. These provide the opportunity for young learners to interact and appreciate the experiences within our community that exist between school and home.  Children will explore the arts with special guests in music, yoga, art, and science classes on a bi-monthly basis.  Field trips and guest speakers from the local area will be incorporated throughout the year. 

-Art: Preschoolers will experience art class with various mediums and learn about fundamentals of art and  its history.  In addition, this program will feature special projects from a variety of famous artists.



-Music: Our music teacher, Ms. Joanie has over twenty years of musical experience with advance training in guitar and voice.  In addition, she has taught in New York City at the prestigious Calhoun School.  * A supplemental enrichment music program is also available as an extended-day option for an additional fee music

-Science:Preschool-age children have an extraordinary capacity to absorb new information through inspection and examination of the world around them. Our hands-on science explorations are practical   and make great use of your child’s enthusiasm to hypothesize, predict and record results. We offer a    variety of experiences through chemistry, guided nature walks and exploring animal behaviors and habitats with the help of our science specialist. science 2

-Cincinnati Zoo In-Class visits: Our Creative Tots will be learning about different animals and their habitat through hands-on activities with live animals during their monthly visit from the Cincinnati Zoo. science2

-Yoga: All preschoolers will be engaging in yoga to discover and enhance their physical and social  development using simple yoga techniques.  *There is also a supplemental enrichment gym/yoga program that is offered as an extended-day for additional fees yoga

Field Trips/Special Guests Field Trips, special guest speakers and Educational programs from local organizations are incorporated throughout the year.  Offering these in a context that’s meaningful to children develops a strong sense of self and a healthy respect for others and their community.  Field trip locations include Krohn Conservatory, Pumpkin Patch, Apple Orchard, local working farm, the Children’s Theater, etc.20140125-165131.jpg 20140125-165249.jpglila2

Foreign Language This program has a basic focus on multiple languages including greetings, numbers, colors, traditions, and other cultural components. 

 About Creative Tots Extended-Day Programs:

For those families that wish to further enrich their preschoolers before or after their regular class session, Creative Tots offers more focused and specialized programs (for an additional fee) including Spanish, Art, Music and Yoga.  (For more details regarding pricing & schedules, be sure to review the attached registration information.)

Spanish Your child is sure to absorb all the benefits that this program has to offer!  Our “Locos por Español” (crazy about Spanish) program features fluent Spanish teachers emphasizing proper pronunciation within thematic vocabulary, phrases and activities.  Rich in Latin energy and culture, the curriculum focuses on short conversation and movement while expanding upon the school’s basic introduction. This program is offered one or two days per week. It is recommended that students enroll for two days to capture the essence of the curriculum and fluency.

Art- Art education is essential to the early development of your child as a “whole learner”.  No matter the skill level, art encourages creativity, increases fine motor skill function and problem-solving skills and manifests self-expression.  Our art enrichment program combines the fun exploration of new media and expressiveness with the diversity and culture of Art History and techniques.  Come join us on a weekly adventure through the world of art as we explore the CREATIVE side of our Creative Tots!

Blue Horse by Pre-K Art Tot

Blue Horse by Pre-K Art Tot


Music-Our music program uses simple musical instruments to explain diverse musical styles, understand and utilize rhythm, dynamics, sequencing, movement, tempo, melody and vocal awareness in a positive, focused, creatively charged atmosphere. 20130915-220418.jpg

Yoga– Our “yoga tots” will learn the importance of breathing, stretching and relaxing their bodies and minds. They’ll dive right into yoga poses beginning with warm-up stretching, downward dog, cat, frog, and balancing tree while practicing quiet time and learning new games.yoga2

Karate  With our partnership “At Martial Arts America,” Karate is much more than just kicking and punching. We teach kids how to become the best they can be. Our Karate Kids learn the skills to do well in school, be more cooperative at home and to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. As a Karate Tot, your child will learn what a stranger is and what to do if confronted or lured by a stranger. At the Graduation Party they will even BREAK A FUN BOARD and perform a Demonstration!  This 6-week class is rotated with Soccer. Please see Emilie for more details.

Soccer Our partnership with “Challenger Sports” allows our Creative Tots to join in th MiniKickers Program.  As part of the year round Academy Division’s commitment and dedication to develop both the player and child, the MiniKickers program is a positive introduction to the game of soccer and structured athletic activity developing not only the soccer player but also  the physical, emotional and social needs for a child aged between 2-5 years old. 

MiniKickers’ experts have composed a curriculum which will entertain your child in a fun, safe environment while teaching them the basic fundamentals of the game. MiniKickers is a 45 min soccer program and this fall it will run for 7 weeks in rotation with Karate! Please see Emilie for more details.

Dance- Our partnership with Webby Dance allows us to offer our Creative Tots a weekly fun and educational dance class here at our School. Webby’s instructors will introduce your child to pre-ballet, creative movement/rhythm and tumbling skills using age-appropriate music and fun props (i.e. maracas, tambourines, pompons, leis and much more).  Class begins with a fun and creative warm-up.  We then introduce routines where the children sing and dance while using their favorite props.  The children learn basic dance technique and creative movement across the floor.  Tumbling skills are taught with fun obstacle courses.  With over 300 dances in our curriculum, students are regularly introduced to exciting new routines.  Your child will expand their imagination and creativity during the weekly action packed class! Please see Emilie for more details.

(*Note: Program & Schedule availability will be based on class enrollment)

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