Early Three’s

This week was all about the dinosaurs! We also practiced mat man and writing our name and drawing ourselves each day. We learned the number 6 by doing dinosaur stamping. We made R is for Rainbow and made school bus to wrap up our transportation unit. We also had music and yoga and had so much fun playing cooperatively!

Early Three’s

This week we began our transportation unit and Valentine theme! We are exploring all forms of transportation and talking about how we show love to our family and friends! We took Valentine photos and made an adorable I love you beary much craft to hang in the hall. We learned about the letter N and numbers. We finished up our winter theme and made some cool snowflakes with tape and glossy paint. We had so much fun with our specials this week with Miss Joanie and Miss Nicole… we love music and yoga! The kids are doing such a great job writing their names and doing their self portrait! We have several new students in class and are making friends nicely. We’re so excited for our Valentine Party and hope you all can join us!

Early Three’s

We practiced the letter L and made L is for lollipop. We learned about penguins and sang a cute song about them and made cute penguins to hang up in the hall. The kids had so much fun in yoga this week and in the gym since we couldn’t go outside. We practiced throwing and catching a ball. Our kids had some great cooperative play this week.

Early Three’s

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! We’re gearing up for winter. Brrrr.. It’s cold outside! 

This week we wrapped up our farm unit and learned about the letter I and number 3. We made I is for inchworm. All of the kids did great stringing the beads. Their fine motor skills are great! We had yoga and had a blast with Miss Nicole. Today we made Rudolph. Check out the hall for some super cute reindeers! 

Early Three’s

What a fast and fun week! We had a wonderful field trip at Blooms and Berries. It was such beautiful weather and a ton of fun!! We enjoyed a hay ride and picking out our pumpkins as well as fun farm activities and slides! At school, we enjoyed another yoga class and we all really love it! This week we made adorable pumpkin handprints. We also made a Halloween #2 book. We did Halloween activities and stories counting 2 and also reinforcing recognizing our names and colors. We have such a great group of kids that are becoming great friends. We love our Creative Tots!!

Pre-K is Falling for Fall

Leaves are falling, leaves are falling…on the ground…on the ground! Look at all the colors…look at all the colors, falling down…falling down! Red, orange, yellow and brown…and brown!

A lot of math and science was used this week with leaves. We also learned some new vocabulary words–chlorophyl and pigment. Check out our pictures to see what we’ve been up to in the Pre-K room!
















Enrichment activities enhance our learning experiences!

Our Creative Tots Toddlers and Early 3’s have enjoyed learning with some of our Enrichment Teachers! Miss Pooja taught Yoga moves to some of our students, using animal motions to simulate yoga poses. Miss Jessica, our science teacher, taught the children how to avoid “icky germs” by washing hands and coughing/sneezing into their arms instead of hands. Miss Krista with the Cincinnati Zoo shared two animals with our Early 3’s. She focused on scales (snake) and feathers (owl) with this particular visit. Our students loved having our special visitors in the classroom!