Early Three’s

This week in Early Three’s we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Pot of gold and 7 gold coins. We talked a lot about dinosaurs and learned about how they come from an egg and learned about other animals that hatch from an egg. We even made a Cereal-o-Saurus!

We learned about volcanos and even did an experiment and made it erupt! We learned more about Rainbows and colors and shapes.

We had Science with Miss Jackie and learned all about our brain!

Our letter of the week was S and we did an S is for shamrocks craft in honor of St Patties Day. We wrapped up our week by going on a leprechaun hunt looking for gold! We had a ton of fun and are oh so cute!! 🍀😀

Early Three’s

Our tots said Happy Thanksgiving today by making Thankful Turkeys. We wrapped up our farm unit this week and painted with corn on the cob! We read lots of stories and sang lots of songs about animals and the sounds they make as well as Thanksgiving and Turkey songs! Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! We are loving seeing all of the cooperative play in this room. They are doing a great job. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a great break. Let’s all enjoy time with family and remember all we have to be thankful for. 🦃😀

Early Three’s

This week we celebrated Halloween and made I Spy bottles! The kids had so much fun with this! Once, Halloween was over, we we’re ready to learn about Thanksgiving and are excited to do many activities this month and talk about what we are thankful for! The kids make Hand turkeys, which you can spot in the hallway. 🦃 On Friday, we made a yellow collage and also did a magic activity at circle time making new colors! Our tots learned how you can make secondary colors from primary colors. This is going to be a fast and fun month. Happy November! We all have so much to be thankful for! 💛

Early Three’s

We practiced the letter L and made L is for lollipop. We learned about penguins and sang a cute song about them and made cute penguins to hang up in the hall. The kids had so much fun in yoga this week and in the gym since we couldn’t go outside. We practiced throwing and catching a ball. Our kids had some great cooperative play this week.

Early Three’s

What a fast and fun week! We had a wonderful field trip at Blooms and Berries. It was such beautiful weather and a ton of fun!! We enjoyed a hay ride and picking out our pumpkins as well as fun farm activities and slides! At school, we enjoyed another yoga class and we all really love it! This week we made adorable pumpkin handprints. We also made a Halloween #2 book. We did Halloween activities and stories counting 2 and also reinforcing recognizing our names and colors. We have such a great group of kids that are becoming great friends. We love our Creative Tots!!

Early 3’s

Our Creative Tots have had a great first few weeks of school!  We have our routines down and our days fly by! We have gotten to know each other and learned about the letters A and B as well as the number 1, the triangle and the color red! We have had fun doing lots of crafts, such as Pom Pom names, A is for Apple and B is for Button!  Today we made 1 Little monkey jumping on the bed! In circle time, we did a 5 little monkeys activity, that all the children loved! They are all so sweet and we love having them in our class!

Spring is in the Air…Finally!

The Pre-K Room has been overly excited to delve right into all things Spring! My students have been making amazing strides in areas of Reading, Writing and Math!!! Let’s not forget Science…we’ve found this to be one of our favorite subjects in Pre-K!

We recently started incubating chicken eggs. We are so excited about hatching baby chicks! We have been counting down the days till they hatch!

No matter what we are learning we are enjoying the exploration of all things whether through our sensory play, journaling, oral language, reading, math and science activities and/or social studies!

We are already into our last month of school! This year has flown by but we are going to make the best of our last month together with field trips, parties, picnics, and graduation!