Early Three’s

Happy Spring! I think… I hope it’s here to stay! In Early Three’s, we focused on two letters this week, V and W. We made V is for vase. The kids made a V and practiced writing V. We also did W is for watercolors and revealed the Mystery letter! They made beautiful windsocks too! We had music with Miss Joanie and enjoyed singing new songs.

Today we celebrated Earth Day by taking a walk and having a picnic. We read a book outside about how to take care of our earth and learned ways we all can take care of our Earth.

Creative Tots Early Three’s

We hope our Fingerprint flower gardens brighten your day just like this beautiful sunshine weather we’re having! Happy Spring!! We have been busy bees in Early Three’s. T is for… and U is for Umbrella

The kids wrote the letter U on a dry erase board and we read a Puddles story. We did the #8 with 8 signs of Spring. Then to wrap up our week we did a shape review with playdough shapes and also fed Mr. Munch!

Early Three’s

Happy Spring Break! Our Early Three’s are working hard learning their name and shapes! This week we made name dinosaurs, so make sure you have your child practice that at home. It’s a great way to build their name, recognize their name and practice their fine motor skills. We wrapped up Our unit on dinosaurs today with a Pastasaurus! We are getting excited for spring, and enjoyed the nice warm weather outside today.

Early Three’s

This week in Early Three’s we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Pot of gold and 7 gold coins. We talked a lot about dinosaurs and learned about how they come from an egg and learned about other animals that hatch from an egg. We even made a Cereal-o-Saurus!

We learned about volcanos and even did an experiment and made it erupt! We learned more about Rainbows and colors and shapes.

We had Science with Miss Jackie and learned all about our brain!

Our letter of the week was S and we did an S is for shamrocks craft in honor of St Patties Day. We wrapped up our week by going on a leprechaun hunt looking for gold! We had a ton of fun and are oh so cute!! 🍀😀

Early Three’s

This week was all about the dinosaurs! We also practiced mat man and writing our name and drawing ourselves each day. We learned the number 6 by doing dinosaur stamping. We made R is for Rainbow and made school bus to wrap up our transportation unit. We also had music and yoga and had so much fun playing cooperatively!

Early Three’s

This week was a busy week in Early Three’s! We went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, learned about germs in Science class, made E is for Elmo, learned about the #2 with 2 jack-o-lanterns craft as well as practiced our names, colors and shapes!! Our tots are so smart!! 🎃

Early Three’s

It’s is so hard to believe we finished up April at school and next week starts our last month! We love your children and have loved watching them grow! This week we learned about butterflies and read my very favorite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.We made butterflies with coffee filters and watercolors. We are enjoying watching Caterpillars grow and learning and observing about the lifecycle of a Caterpillar into a butterfly. We retold the story with a fun felt story apron and all the pieces from the story! The kids did a great job at remembering the story and all the caterpillar ate!
We learned about the letter W and the kids made a watermelon out of a paper plate. It was so cute and fun. 

We also had Science with Miss Jackie and learned more about recycling. The kids loved the hands on demonstrations and videos/ music to reinforce this very important concept! 

We finished up our numbers today for the year by learning about the number nine and counting and placing nine bird stickers. We will review numbers 1-9 next month.