More Dinosaur Fun

This week the preschoolers completed their study of dinosaurs through stories, art and math activities. They also enjoyed art with Ms. Jackie.

Early Three’s

Happy Spring Break! Our Early Three’s are working hard learning their name and shapes! This week we made name dinosaurs, so make sure you have your child practice that at home. It’s a great way to build their name, recognize their name and practice their fine motor skills. We wrapped up Our unit on dinosaurs today with a Pastasaurus! We are getting excited for spring, and enjoyed the nice warm weather outside today.

Rainbows and Gold Galore!

The highlight of our week was obviously the leprechaun traps! These kiddos did such a great job sharing and explaining how they made their traps and how they had planned to trap the sneaky leprechaun! This makes for such a great oral language activity!

Early Three’s

This week in Early Three’s we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Pot of gold and 7 gold coins. We talked a lot about dinosaurs and learned about how they come from an egg and learned about other animals that hatch from an egg. We even made a Cereal-o-Saurus!

We learned about volcanos and even did an experiment and made it erupt! We learned more about Rainbows and colors and shapes.

We had Science with Miss Jackie and learned all about our brain!

Our letter of the week was S and we did an S is for shamrocks craft in honor of St Patties Day. We wrapped up our week by going on a leprechaun hunt looking for gold! We had a ton of fun and are oh so cute!! 🍀😀

Delightful Dinosaurs

This week the preschoolers discovered the wonderful world of dinosaurs! The children played games, read stories and did “Dino”crafts. We even created a volcano in the classroom and watched it erupt. We found the leprechaun’s gold too!


Another great week for our adorable toddlers!!  We learned the five little dinosaur song and are becoming experts at identifying dinos!!  We learned that S is for Snail and we learned about our brain with Miss Jackie in science!!  Can’t wait for next week. 


We are on to dinosaurs in the Toddler class, which is everyone’s favorite!!  We learned that R is for Raccoon and made 7 shamrocks for our number project. We have learned about different kinds of Dino’s in songs, books and poems. See you next week for more fun!!