Early Three’s

This week was all about the Mommas! Today we had a Mother’s Day Party where the kids got to give their gifts to their Mommy and plant flowers in the adorable pots they made with their fingerprints. We had a photo booth and even had allergy friendly, yummy Rice Krispie treats!! We listened to them sing sweeet songs with Miss Joanie and they gave lots of hugs and kisses to their Moms. We had a photo booth that said, We love Mom. ❤️  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas out there! May you be pampered and spoiled.. or at least get to relax a little! 


Hello all!!  We had a great week in the toddler room!!  We learned  that the letter Y is for Yak. The best part of the week was celebrating our Moms!!!  Happy Mother’s  Day!!!!