Early Three’s

It’s is so hard to believe we finished up April at school and next week starts our last month! We love your children and have loved watching them grow! This week we learned about butterflies and read my very favorite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.We made butterflies with coffee filters and watercolors. We are enjoying watching Caterpillars grow and learning and observing about the lifecycle of a Caterpillar into a butterfly. We retold the story with a fun felt story apron and all the pieces from the story! The kids did a great job at remembering the story and all the caterpillar ate!
We learned about the letter W and the kids made a watermelon out of a paper plate. It was so cute and fun. 

We also had Science with Miss Jackie and learned more about recycling. The kids loved the hands on demonstrations and videos/ music to reinforce this very important concept! 

We finished up our numbers today for the year by learning about the number nine and counting and placing nine bird stickers. We will review numbers 1-9 next month.


We had a great week in our toddler class!!  We learned about the letter W and we made some fingerprint bugs to go in the garden.   We sang all our bird songs and the kids even came up one at a time and “performed” our blackbird poem!!  Looking forward to our next unit!!  Enjoy the weekend!!

Beautiful Butterflies 

This week the preschoolers were introduced to the life cycle of the butterfly through art, stories and group time discussions.  We also finished up our farm unit and enjoyed yoga with Ms Nicole. 

Early Three’s

We’ve had a busy, fun time in Early Three’s! Spring is definitely in the air! This weather has been amazing! Music, Yoga and Art are highlights of our weeks. Today we learned about Earth Day and how we can recycle to take care of our environment. These kids have grown and learned so much! They are ready for preschool next year!!

We have chick eggs!

K-prep & Pre-K are patiently counting down to May 9th, when our chicks hatch!! We have been learning about the development inside the egg every day🐣

We also talked a lot about recycling and our earth in celebration of Earth Day🌎.


Hello!!  Another good week for the toddlers. We continued with our Birds and Garden theme!!  We learned a song about planting flowers and perfected our bird songs. We found out that V is for vulture and we talked about the importance of taking care of our earth!!  Looking forward to another spring weather week!!

Down on the Farm

The preschoolers were introduced to farm life through art and large group activities.  They also enjoyed music with Ms. Joanie and the beautiful weather during outside play.