Happy spring!!  We had a great week finishing up our unit on dinosaurs!!  Your kids should be experts on the subject by now!!  We learned that T is for Tiger and talked about all the colors that we learned!!  Remember no school next week due to spring break!!      Have a relaxing time!!

Dinosaur Days

The preschoolers explored the world of dinosaurs.   They created a dinosaur egg, observed a volcano experiment and created dinosaur themed art. The children also found gold from Lucky the leprechaun to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. 

Early Three’s

We searched far and wide and found our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The kids had a blast on our hunt for gold. We even walked through Pre-K and saw their leprechaun traps. The leprechauns left us some cool things! We had so much fun learning about shamrocks, rainbows and dinosaurs this week! All of our friends looked so adorable in their green today and have grown up so much on us! Potty training and being such a good helper and friend to name a few! 


Another great week in the Toddler class!!  We continued our dinosaur unit and the kids are almost experts on everything dinosaur!!  We talked about St. Patrick’s Day and Leaprechauns and even got to take home a piece of gold that was left in our classroom!!  We learned that the letter S is for Seal!!  Don’t forget spring break starts on March 27th!!  Enjoy the weekend!!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

The preschoolers got a head start on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by playing games, singing songs and creating St. Patty’s day art. We concluded the celebration by planting a rainbow carrot garden. 

Early Three’s

The highlight from our week in Early Three’s was our dentist visit! The kids we’re so attentive and engaged! I’m sure they came home sharing their bag of goodies and telling you all about it! We learned a lot about taking care of our teeth and how going to the dentist is fun and not scary! This week we continued to work on writing our names and they are impressing us so much! We did a color review and also dove into our Dinosaur unit!


Happy March!!!  We have started out.dinosaur unit and the toddlers love it. We’ve learned about several kinds of dinosaurs including pteranodon, stegosaurus, triceratops, and T. rex!  We learned some new songs, our favorite being “We are the Dinosaurs!”  We learned the letter R and had a great time in science with Miss Jackie!!  Have a great weekend!!