Earth Day 2016

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Earth Day with your tots!  I hope you and your tots enjoyed, and possibly learned a new fact or two during this earth day/science lesson. 

Caterpillar Poop:

This was by far a fan favorite. I had a caterpillar in a jar last summer and noticed it had been eating leaves and there were many small round balls in the jar. I had than realized that this must be what caterpillar waste looks like! Hopefully your tots learned some interesting caterpillar facts and enjoyed looking at a unique specimen under the microscope!  


Potting Station:

At our potting station the kids were able to decorate and plant their own pots. These pots are biodegradable and can be placed directly into the earth. Hopefully you will all see sunflowers in you future 🌻 


Soil Erosion:

We discussed why it’s so important to plant grass, flowers, and trees. The roots from plants grab onto the soil like little fingers of a hand and hold soil in place. This stops our houses and vegetable seeds from washing away in the rain. We discussed that if we cut down all the trees and just have roads and buildings without any plants, grass or trees surrounding them, there would be nothing to keep our soil in place.


Plant Maze:

This station discussed that plants will seek out light and grow towards it. Plants use sunlight to make their food in a process known as photosynthesis. Even if there is a little light plants will seek it out and grow towards it.


Don’t Be A Litter Bug:

I started this experiment a week prior. We started with nice clean, drinkable water. Everyone brought in a little trash and in just one week we had a pretty gross result! I truly wish we could have had everyone smell this water because it was revolting!


Fingerprint Tree & The Lorax:

At our final station, we listened to Ms. Leslie read The Lorax while Ms. Jamie helped place our tots finger prints on a tree that we plan on planting at Creative Tots. I look forward to, and will enjoy watching the tree grow with all those little fingerprints on it and I hope you will  too! Thank you for being part of such a fun and meaningful day!


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