Our Campers Loved Great Outdoors Camp!

We pitched our tent and loaded our backpack for some “Great Outdoor” fun!!!


20130620-171341.jpgWe identified numbers and worked on counting with some tackle box math!


“We’ve Gone Fishing”
We investigated items that float, fished for sight words and worked on hand eye coordination with our “Let’s Go Fishin'” game!

Creating some “Cozy Campfires” using our fine motor skills!


“Good Packing, Bad Packing”
We evaluated items in our backpack to determine what we should take camping and what should stay home. That silly hat and tutu will just have to stay home!

“Hiking through the Woods” We listened for clues to draw a conclusion.
What animal has a mask, has rings on its tail and might get into the garbage…a raccoon!
We came across many animals on our pretend hike through the forrest.
Ooohh! The awesome starry night is a camping sight to behold!
After learning about constellations we made our very own constellations for stargazing!



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