It’s raining, it’s pouring, the Pre-K kids are snoring (NOT)

We have been enjoying the warmer weather lately and the kids have loved getting to go outside and play!! We have been learning about spring weather and the water cycle in the Pre-K class. We have done some cool experiments with the water cycle (thanks to Pinterest). We learned there are 4 parts to the water cycle: Precipitation, Collection, Evaporation, and Condensation. We did an experiment to find out why it rains. We took our clouds and filled them with water and when the clouds got too heavy (condensation), it rained (precipitation)! It was really cool! Another “raining” experiment was putting shaving cream on top of water and dropping our “rain” on the clouds. The clouds were able to hold lots of water before it started to “rain”.

We also did a water cycle in a bag experiment! We have it hanging in the window because we learned the sun powers the water cycle. Check it out!

In math, we have been doing some non-standard measuring! We measured things with an umbrella and found items around the class that were longer than the umbrella and things that were shorter than the umbrella. We also measured and ordered some “earthworms” from the smallest to the longest. I got a lot of yucks when they thought it was real worms! šŸ™‚

When we are writing, the kids have done an amazing job looking for words on the word wall that they want to write, if they can’t remember how to spell them. They have been practicing making their letters, numbers, and holding their pencils correctly!
















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