We are learning to be readers in Pre-K


The past couple of weeks we have been introducing our sight words and skills we need to become early readers!  The kids have been very excited to read their sight words in books, the message, and on worksheets.  So far, we have learned I, like, is, & and.  We have also learned that readers should find a good reading spot (quiet and comfy), look at the pictures (to help us figure our words we don’t know), and read the text with our fingers (using one-to-one correspondence with the words we are reading).  We are getting lots of practice with these skills and the Pre-K students are very excited to be reading books!

The students and I went on a Sight Word Hunt looking for words we knew from the books in our classroom library.  They were very excited to find books that were filled with words they could read!  We made a board to post all the words we found!  We have some great Sight Word Hunters in our classroom! 🙂  When you read with your child at home, let them point out or read the sight words in a book!  This is great reinforcement for learning those words!
Happy hunting! 🙂

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