Working those fine motors skills in Pre-K

Fall is in full swing in the Pre-K classroom!  We have had lots of fun over the last couple of weeks learning about this wonderful season!  We have had a great time with apples(balancing apples on our heads-10 Apples Up on Top and making yummy applesauce), learned about leaves and their beautiful colors(created our own versions of “Leaf Man” and sorted leaves), and we are gearing up for Halloween by studying spiders and bats(read some Non-Fiction books and made a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast bats/spiders)!! Check out our giant spider friend, Spidey, that Amelia let us borrow for the week!

We have also been working hard on our fine motor skills!  Pre-K students are building those important muscles in their fingers and hands that will help them as we continue to practice our writing, coloring, and drawing!!  It will also aid in correct pencil grip and improve their scissor skills, which are very important.

Here is a list of fine motor skill activities that you can work with your child at home:

-manipulating play dough: rolling it into small balls, long rolls, etc.

-tearing paper into fine strips-use them for a collage or crumple them into balls

-screwing up whole pieces of newspaper in one hand at a time to develop strength

-threading beads or macaroni onto a string

-lacing activities

-cutting with scissors, using the correct grip (thumb in the top and the first 3 fingers in the bottom-thumb facing ceiling and keep scissors pointed away from your body)

-squeezing clothes pins or tweezers to pick up small objects

-performing fingerplays

-work on a vertical surface (like a blackboard, easel, or tape paper to the wall) to help to strengthen the wrist

Don’t be afraid to let your child practice at home!  Have fun! 🙂


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