Little Scientists are asking Creative Questions

Creative Tots classrooms were full of questions as we began this year’s exploration of science through a discussion of the nature of science and an examination of some cool science tools.  The book, “What is Science” (Dotlich) was our springboard into the world of science, illustrating the many ways that we experience science every day!

Your little scientist shared favorite activities and we discussed the role of science in all of these fun things.  One exchange in the Pre-K class included a student mentioning her enjoyment of television, looking skeptical about the connection to science.  In response, I asked all of the students, “And, where did TV come from?”

One serious little arm reached up into the air to provide the response, “God.”

It’s funny.  But, seriously, it was a great opportunity to talk about how the many ways that we learn- whether it be music, science, or religion- are all methods that people use to understand and appreciate the world.  So- get ready, your little scientists have been instructed to ask lots of questions about their worlds!

After all, whether studying space, dinosaurs or racecars…when it comes down to it, scientists are just expert questioners.  And isn’t your Creative Tot already pretty good at “Why?”

For an understanding of the scientific method (the foundation of our science talks), have a look at this great article:

To get a sense of the standards that drive early childhood science curricula:

Next month…Germy Science!

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