I like me

Last week in Pre-K, our friends took turns sharing all about their favorite things!!  We got to learn a lot about each other; like our favorite foods, favorite colors, how many people are in our family, how many letters are in our names, and much more!  The kids got their first opportunity to stand up in front of the class and share their “All About Me” posters!  Everyone had a blast!  It is so much fun (and not scary) to stand up and talk about our favorite things:  us!  🙂


The students are learning that we read books from the front to the back, the top to the bottom, and the left to the right!  We had some extra fun one day by reading a short book from back to front to see if it made any sense!!  The kids loved it.  Almost everyday, I get a request to read a book from the back to the front (for the silly effect)…but we are sticking to reading books the right way!  We have also been discussing what the author and illustrator’s jobs would be for each story!  Next time you are reading together at home, make sure to let the kids know who the author and illustrator are and ask them what their jobs would be!

We read the book “I Like Me” and the kids got an opportunity to share something that they like about themselves or something that they are good at doing! Check out their answers below!

Spencer is good at playing with legos.

Jack W. is good at playing with his dog.

Declan is good at Sorry Sliders.

Kanika is good at playing with her dog.

Rachel is good at painting.

Charlie is good at putting legos together.

Keira is good at playing with Lovey.

Quinn likes baseball.

Lydia likes to paint by herself.

Amelia likes her hair.

Shaun likes to drink water.

Owen likes to talk to his sister by himself.

Jack M. likes his hair.

Lili likes to do a star show.

Zoe likes to eat.

Connor likes his house.

Emma P. likes to play dress-up with her dogs.

Bennett likes to wear sunglasses on a hot day.

Emma D. likes to fly kites.

Aubrey likes to ride her bike fast.

Camden likes to ride funny bikes.

Braden likes to pretend that he is building inventions.

Ansh is good at playing cars.

Luke is good at watching TV.

Drew is good at playing ping-pong.

Alex is good at eating dinner.

Nick is good at riding his bike really fast.

Madison likes to play with her friends.

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