Oozy Goozy Scientists Take over Creative Tots!

Starting the week off with a real BANG, the Oozy Goozy Scientists made their own pocket rockets on Monday.  A simple creation, they involve film canisters, Alkaseltzer tablets (1/2), and water (1 tsp).  Predictions about what would happen when these items were combined included everything from “nothing” to “go KA-BLOOEY!!!”  And, in fact, there were multiple outcomes… we observed that some of the pocket rockets did not explode; one even ended up landing on the roof! 

Inspired by the book, George Shrinks, we created self portraits on shrinkydink plastic and discussed change on Wednesday.  We questioned, then tested whether change would occur when we heated our self portraits in the oven.  Many predictions were made, including no change, lighter colors, melting, curling and more.  Again, many observations were made supporting our predictions, as well as some surprises:  the colors get darker!  We concluded that many types of change are possible!

To familiarize ourselves with the various states of matter, we read the book: All the Water in the World.  Oozy Goozy Scientists identified different forms of matter, then we applied our knowledge with the creation of something that doesn’t quite fit the mold: Oobleck!  This non-Newtownian liquid has characteristics of both solids and liquids, yet doesn’t completely conform to either description.  It is easy to make and fun to play with (one part water to two parts cornstarch, you can also add food coloring).  To continue this exploration, check out Dr. Seuss’ Bartholomew and the Oobleck from the library!

Your child is a natural scientist, full of questions AND amazing, out-of-the-box answers!  To continue to nurture their creative scientist spirit, check out these resources: 

  • PBS programs such as Sid the Science Kid, The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That, Wild Kratts, etc.
  • The Cincinnati Museum Center
  • The Cincinnati Nature Center (they can explore inside and out, with the playscape and the visitor center, and trails…you can check out backpacks to use on your hikes)
  • iSpace (http://ispacescience.org/)
  • The Cincinnati Observatory

Each day, we filled out our own science journals, grounded in the scientific method.  Encourage your little scientist to continue asking questions, making predictions, observing, testing, making conclusions and applying! 

Science is everywhere!

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