Things are pretty “eggciting” in Pre-K this week

Our chick eggs are finally here and the Pre-K students are so “eggcited”!  The eggs arrived on Tuesday and are all warm and snug in the incubator.  We have a countdown chain to let us know how many days we have until the eggs should start cracking,  by the way it takes 21 days for the chicks to hatch.  As you notice in the photo below, we mark the eggs with “X” and “O”.  Ask your Pre-K’er to explain why we do that (because we have to turn them 3 times a day, just like the hen would do if the eggs were in the nest).

The students have had a great time discussing what hatches from eggs.  We learned that birds lay eggs, as well as, reptiles, insects, and fish!  I like to joke with the children when we take a link off the countdown chain that we are hatching crocodiles, penguins, and frogs!!  This gets lots of laughter and they kindly remind me we are hatching baby chicks! 🙂 We had a blast playing a game where the children acted out an animal that lays eggs and the rest of the class had to guess!

We also made some cute baby chick art projects!  They loved making the baby chicks out of yellow pom-poms that they brought home, and you can check out their handprint chicks hanging in the hallway!!

We learned about the Life Cycle of a Chicken and the kids made their own cycle displaying the 3 stages:  egg, baby chick, and adult chicken.  We learned that after 3 months, a baby chicken is big enough to lay some eggs!  That is amazing!  We also learned that a female chicken is a hen and a male is a rooster.  Chickens can have lots of different colors of feathers and can be beautiful!

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