Creative Tots Artist Of The Month (Jan) – Dale Chihuly

This month’s in class Art Enrichment honors our upcoming field trip by focusing on glass artist, Dale Chihuly.

Dale Chihuly, who was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1941, has become an internationally celebrated personality in contemporary art and design whose prominence in the field of contemporary studio glass is unmatched. He is a generous and charismatic individual with a forceful personality, who ceaselessly promotes himself and his material, glass, to audiences around the world.  From the beginning of his involvement with glass in the 1960s, Dale Chihuly has championed the use of blown glass as a vehicle for sculpture, focusing on the vessel in his explorations of color and form. Setting aside complex techniques in favor of letting the hot glass naturally find its own shape, he has produced work that is characterized by its large, gravity-influenced forms and minimal tooling as much as by its striking palette of colors.  (If you have visited the Indianapolis Children’s Museum you will now recognize the Chihuly chandelier that stretches 5 floors in the middle of the spiral stairwell.  A magnificent sight!)

Take a look at the work of Dale Chihuly below.  You can also click here to visit the official website for Dale Chihuly and discover the unstoppable influence Chihuly has had on the world of art and glass.

Our Art Tots learned about Dale Chihuly and his wonderful eye for color and form.  We discussed the beauty of glass and how it allows for the light to shine through emphasizing the intensity and relationship of the colors used.  Pre-K and Preschool Art Tots took it a step further by discussing the properties of glass and how it can be used to create art.  We learned how Chihuly would heat the glass to very high temperatures until it was so hot that it would glow red.  Then, just like hot cheese on pizza, he stretches the glass out.  From there he creates long snake like shapes or blows it up like a big hot balloon.  Chihuly also liked to let the glass form itself, after giving it a general shape, so that it looks wavy or organic.

With this thought in mind, Art Tots created this month’s art project as Dale Chihuly inspired suncatchers and organic shaped bowls.  Our Pre-K and Preschool Art Tots used plastic cups as a glass substitute and added their own blend on colors through lines and shapes.  We then used our school’s oven as a substitute kiln to melt our “bowls” into organic shapes.  Take a look below for the final results.  What talented artist’s we have!!!

Our Toddler and Early 3s Art Tots focused on the colors changing and combining in the light.  We used colored glue and lids for each Art Tot to make their piece to the final chandelier.  Take a look below for the individual example but stay tuned to the art show for the unveiling of the final chandelier.

Don’t forget that I am holding on to our Art Tots work from in class Art Enrichment to display in our fabulous Art Show in March.  Mark your calendars for this unforgettable event.

Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly

Pre-K Sculpture inspired by Dale Chihuly

Preschool Sculpture inspired by Dale Chihuly

Toddler & Early 3 Chandelier Pieces inspired by Dale Chihuly

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