We are thankful…

I like to try to “trick” the children each day at circle time when we are removing a link from our Thanksgiving Break Countdown Chain.  I substitute other holidays or events in for Thanksgiving to make sure I have their attention.  This, of course, creates lots of smiles and laughter as we begin our day at school.  🙂

The Pre-K students have really gotten into the flow of our reading/writing groups, as well as, sight word activities.  Thank you for your continued work at home with these words.  In the past two weeks, we have introduced “a, see, we, & can”.  The students are getting extra practice during morning/afternoon message by finding the sight words in the message or writing them on the board for us.  It is very exciting to see them learning to read!!

We have spent some time discussing our families, things we like to do with our family, and sharing our family photos (which is now a classroom book).  The students love to share and it is great practice for improving their oral communication skills. We also discussed manners, helping out around the house (cleaning up toys got the majority vote in the class) and making our family “trees”.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we have had wonderful discussion about things we are thankful for in our lives!  Some of the students answers warmed our hearts!!  Make sure to have them share their answers with you!

Thank you for all the donations for our Thanksgiving Food Drive!  The MEAC center will be very greatful!  Ms. Bethany and I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!


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