Creative Tots Artist Of The Month – Franz Marc

Our Art Tots have been working hard this month in art class.  I was lucky enough to visit each class room and share the paintings this month’s artist, Franz Marc.  We discussed the how artist can create artwork in any style or color they chose.  Art is a path to show how you are feeling, what you are thinking or just what moved you at the moment.  Does a horse have to be painted brown?  If I don’t paint it brown how can I choose the color I would like for it to be?

We had the help of a great book by Eric Carle, The Artist That Painted A Blue Horse.  A book inspired by our artist of the month, Franz Marc.  Art Tots used this inspiration to create animal prints.  We charged our brayer and rolled our plate before printing our animals on the beautiful patterned backgrounds.  Below are examples of the work by Franz Marc followed by a examples of our printmaking inspired by the artist.

Franz Marc was born in Germany in 1880.  He loved to paint animals in bright and unusual colors.  At the time some traditionalist critics objected to his new ideas and his unconventional paintings, stylized in form and unrealistic in color.  But Marc and some other like-minded artists formed an art group that was highly influential in the modern and expressionist movements.  His paintings of blue horses are particularly famous.  Franz Marc was killed in World War I.

Blue Horse I by Franz Marc

Blue Fox by Franz Marc

The Yellow Cow by Franz Marc

Blue Horse by Pre-K Art Tot

Orange Elephant by Preschool Art Tot

Purple Fox by Early Art Tot

Blue/Green Cow by Toddler Art Tot

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