Gifts from the Sun: Light, prisms, rainbows, and shadow

Tense little bodies relax and brighten as the thunder and lightning make way for a bright spring rainbow, a gift from the sun to our eyes! Experimenting with the refraction of light is a joy that delights all, and is very easy and  accessible. Using a crystal prism or a diamond wedding ring, children can break the white light into it’s pretty colored pieces.

Flashlights also can cause light to dance through prisms of all types, and demonstrate how shadows are created. So can passing clouds and dancing, leaping bodies on sunny days!

Discussing favorite colors while creating them with water and food coloring (or in the bath with colored tablets!) is a great way to show how the colors blend together. What happens when they all mix together?!
Without light…it would be a dark place! Thanks, Sun!

Be creative with color: colorful reading: Color Dance (Jonas), Living Color (Jenkins), Lois Ehlert’s color books

Colorful adventures:  Cincinnati Art Museum’s Art World and Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center’s UnMuseum…both interactive explorations into the world of art and color!

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