Creative Tots Artist of the Month – Jasper Johns

Art has come to Creative Tots!  This week we are starting Art Classes within your Creative Tots schedule.  Each month we will pick a new Artist to take us on our journey through color, line, shape and form.  October brings us our first Artist, Jasper Johns.  He is one of my favorites as he is able to take everyday symbols such as numbers, letters and flags and create colorful works of art with his paint.  Johns is an American Artist born in Augusta, GA in 1930 and still lives and works in New York.  To find out more visit and/or Google Search his name.  Take a look below to view a few examples of his work and be watching later this week to view examples of some of our Creative Tots Artists.  All of our Jasper Johns inspired work will be on display at our Totstober Halloween Night.


Jasper Johns, 1930 - Present



Jasper Johns, Zero - Nine



Jasper Johns, Figure 8



Jasper Johns, Colored Alphabet


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