Valentines Love


Pictures from our Valentine party! We had a great time and felt the love! Thank you to all the parents who brought snacks, games and crafts to the party!!

Valentine’s Day Fun

This week the preschoolers enjoyed their Valentine’s Day parties with their parents. They sang songs, played games and made crafts with a valentine theme. A big thank you goes out to all of you that helped make each party such a success.

Science Fun

This week the preschoolers explored, “what makes up blood ” with a hands on activity. The children were introduced to plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Early Three’s

This week in early threes was all about the Love! We played so nice and cooperatively with one another, sang valentine songs and made Valentine crafts. I love beary much! 💕 happy early Valentine’s Day everyone!💕


We are talking about different kinds of transportation and working hard on our Valentine’s songs!!  We learned that O is for octopus, owl and orange!!  We learned all about our blood and how it works in our bodies in science with Miss Jackie. See you next week at our Valentine’s parties!!  Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30!!  

Choo Choo!

Pre-K had so much fun with our transportation theme! We sorted modes of transportation into land, air and sea, learned all about street signs and made our own maps. We had car races and practiced writing teen numbers and reviewed sight words around the train track!

Early Three’s

This week we said goodbye to January and said hello to February! We are excited for Valentines and sharing the love! We made a melted snowman shape collage and had fun with Mr. Crunch who likes to eat shapes! We had music with Miss Joanie and learned songs for Valentine’s Day. ❤️